We-Row Help

With the Web Race function of We-Row you have the unique opportunity to row against other WaterRower owners worldwide.
You have two options to participate in an online Web Race. Either you organize your own race and hope that other people will join, or you join a race that has already been organized.

Organize a Web Race

Go to Web Race. Click at the end of the table "create webrace" and enter your criteria. After that you click on "create webrace". Your race now appears in the table and other members can register to participate in your race.
WeRow WebRace

Join an existing Web Race

Chose from the List a race in which you want to participate. Make sure there is a free spot for you. With a click on the green button you can enter yourself into that race. If the race you have chosen is a private password protected race, you will be asked to enter the password.
You can also leave a race you have already entered by clicking on the red button.
Please make sure that you remember the starting date and time of your race.
WebRace Join WebRace Leave

Start a Web Race

  • If time moves closer to the starting time of the Web Race, (We suggest at least 5 Minutes before start) make sure everything is connected and you are logged in. Click on the race in the table in which you participate and then click on the orange "launch" button.
  • Now you will be transferred to the starting window of the race.
    But before that you will be asked to enter your username and your password.
    WeRow Login
    (We suggest your PC to allow saving your password, in order for you to start without entering your data each time)
  • After you have successfully loged in select WEBRACE from the mainmenu.
    WeRow Hauptmenu
  • Now a window with all Web Races you are entered appears. Click on the first race in that window. Click on the Lobby-Button and you are transferred to the meeting lobby, where you meet your opponents.
    WeRow Online
  • In the Lobby you have the chance to chat (e.g. talk about the "Code of Fairness" etc.), before the start of the race. If you are ready to start, press the "ready" button. You will now see a Bereitzeichen-sign right before your name in the lobby. On a second click on the "not ready" button you get the not ready sign before your name.
    WeRow Lobby
  • Once all rowers in the Lobby have a readysign next to their names, the system recognises that everybody is ready and starts the racing mode automatically. The rowing course window opens and the countdown for the start of the race begins. Make sure your S4 Monitor is switched on! Be ready to start rowing after the countdown. Good luck.
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  • 1. RobKooy
  • 1944.865s
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  • 952.422s
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  • 542.905s
  • 2. daniel k
  • 555.325s
  • 3. RobKooy
  • 560.669s
  • 1. fizzbangwall
  • 359.17s
  • 2. daniel k
  • 360.669s
  • 3. Mathias
  • 362.144s
  • 1. daniel k
  • 164.887s
  • 2. Bayrischer R
  • 166.039s
  • 3. RobKooy
  • 170.375s
  • 1. Nick Soulsby
  • 73.542s
  • 2. daniel k
  • 76.506s
  • 3. Bayrischer R
  • 76.841s