FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do I need a S4 monitor with firmware 2.10?

    We-Row is only working with monitor version 2.10 and is communicating with the S4 monitor to setup different kind of races. These functions are not supported by older monitor versions.

  2. Is it possible to update an old S4 monitor?

    Yes it is, please contact WaterRower to get a new USB board that will replace the old board.

  3. How to check the firmware version?

  4. Press "advanced" button 9 times

    Press "OK" button

    On the bottom right you can see your firmware version - which should be 2.10

  5. Do I manually need to install a driver?

  6. No. The WaterRower S4 monitor is recognized by your operating system. If a driver is needed your operating system will install it automatically.

  7. How do I know, that the S4 monitor is correctly connected with my computer?

  8. As soon as your S4 monitor is connected there is a PC symbol shown on the S4 monitor screen

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